The Harder They Fall Costumes: Getting Into the Wild West Vibes

The Harder They Fall Costumes: Getting Into the Wild West Vibes

Jeymes Samuel directed The Harder They Fall, a Western focussing on the lesser-known culture of Black cowboys. Every cowboy movie has that wild west vibe, which fans want to explore. Of course, the deserts and bars are one way of establishing the setting, but The Harder They Fall’s costumes bring out the real charm.

The breath-taking “The Harder They Fall” costumes

Mary Fields a.k.a. Stagecoach Mary, played by Zazie Beets, first appears in the film wearing a red Victorian dress with a corset, side leg slits, and a black top hat. Fields’ striking attire emphasized her independence and also the significance of saloon women during that time.

When Regina King began wearing a Victorian blue dress during the initial camera inspection, the staff briefly applauded. And costume designer Antoinette Messam was moved: “I knelt down and put my arms around her waist … She looked so strong. , very powerful. ”

A Twitter thread describes how Antoinette Messam carefully incorporated African, Caribbean, Mexican, and Native American influences into the designs. As a result, the costumes more authentically reflected the cultural diaspora of the West.

Idris Elba portrays Rufus Buck, who has one of the more dramatic visual makeovers in the film. Rufus first appears in fading black-and-white striped prison clothes, which he wears until he returns to Redwood, his former town, which he rules over. When Rufus returns to his throne, he wears lusher textiles, which are a big contrast from his jailhouse attire.

The designer dressed Jonathan in all the typical Western clichés, including denim and leather pieces, and the ideal cowboy hat to disguise his scar and squint into the sunset from beneath the dusty brim.

Appreciation for the costume designer

Nowadays, social media can make or break anyone and everyone. So when a Twitter user praised the cowboy movie’s costume designer, the rest of the fans followed her way. Antoinette Messam is the woman behind The Harder They Fall costumes, and she is not a rookie, because it shows.

The costume designer has previously worked her magic on projects like “Superfly”, “Colossal” and “Creed”. In an interview with HYPEBEAST, Messam said she worked with other designers to create historically correct clothes while they still displayed her trademark “flair and swagger.”

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If you are completely awestruck by these costumes, and can’t resist their charm, then you can buy them on William Jacket. Let us know in the comments which costume will you recreate if you had a chance.

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