The Guilty on Netflix vs the Original Danish Film Den Skyldige

The Guilty on Netflix vs the Original Danish Film Den Skyldige

Based on a 2018 movie from the Scandinavian country of Denmark, The Guilty on Netflix will get you glued to the screen. It is a story that is so intricate and seemingly real that it might just make you go, “I can bet this happened for real.”

But how real (or not real) is the movie? How similar or different is The Guilty Netflix from the Original drama Den Skyldige? Dive into the world of thrill and suspense as we decipher everything we know about the movie, and also see how the fans liked it.

The Guilty Netflix Release Date

Even though the movie was released on September 24, 2021; The Guilty came to the streaming network on October 1, 2021.

The Guilty plot

Following the same storyline as the original Danish drama; The Guilty starts off on one usual morning at a 911 call centre, Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Joe Baylor working in some other department. Baylor incidentally finds himself in the room and is flooded with calls; while most of the calls are not emergencies, one call stands out of them all.

A lady called Emily is calling the centre, and says that she has been kidnapped. The story then follows Joe, who goes on to shatter every rule in the books in order to save the woman. However, it is not so simple as we soon realize that nothing is what it appears to be. The Guilty Netflix is a must-watch story of mystery, thrill and mind-boggling twists and turns.


Den Skyldige- the source of the movie

Denmark’s entry to the Oscars in 2018, Gustav Möller directed Den Skyldige is the source material for The Guilty. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is a huge admirer of the Danish movie, that he served as a moderator when the cast had QnA’s. Following a rather similar storyline, and events; Den Skyldige received great appreciation from the critics and audience alike. The movie won the 2018 Sundance Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize.

Gustav Möller, the director of the original movie, said it was inspired by an authentic 911 call that he came across on the internet, to be specific, on YouTube. “It felt like I was seeing images just listening to sound. It felt like I had seen this woman,” he told Variety in an interview back in the year 2018. “I had an idea of the car she was sitting in and the road they were driving on.”

The audiences’ reaction to The Guilty Netflix

The movie received a rather mixed reaction from the audience, while some absolutely loved the movie, others were not at all please by it.

What did you make of The Guilty?

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