‘The Gray Man’ Finds Competition in Korean Movie, ‘Carter’ That Has Action Above All

‘The Gray Man’ Finds Competition in Korean Movie, ‘Carter’ That Has Action Above All

The Gray Man was at the peak of crime and action series. Jam-packed with full on action and combat, this movie had finally made its way to be called Netflix’s top Hits. The movie was produced by the Russo Brothers and starred Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Ana De Armas and Dhanush. This was the most action-packed movie we have had in a while. However, a new Korean film has come to the surface giving it a tough competition.

So what’s the Korean film that managed to give The Gray Man such a tight race? Let’s see here!

Netflix’s Carter beats The Gray Man in action and thriller sequence

Talking about action films, Netflix has had a number of such movies and series. For instance The Gray Man encompasses a full length deadly brawl between the leads. But this next big action piece stars Joo Won as the protagonist. The transition of the actor from decent humble guy to a ruffian-like look in Carter is really worthy of praise.

The movie is directed by Jung Byung-Gill, the brain behind The Villainess and Confession of the Murder. Carter is rife with derivative fist fights, car crashes, shoot-outs, plane crashes, and a nauseating amount of action, exposing Won’s insane physical performance.

Though the movie is shot in several takes, its final movie length will be seen with a “one take effect.” Like The Gray Man, the movie also has stunning aerial views and plenty of thrills for the audience. The movie is set in times of increasing tension between North Korean and South Korea. This runs parallel with all the war threats between the two world powers. Unlike The Gray Man’s character arc in the story, Carter is nothing emotional. People with less tolerance to action and noise might find it difficult to sit through a stretch of 132 minutes straight.

Storyline and synopsis of the film

The film runs with a storyline that introduces a new deadly virus called the DMZ virus among the inhabitants of South Korea. The infection forges barbaric and inhuman bestial behaviours within those who are infected. Scientists and doctors of North and South Korea hasten to find a cure to the disease while their countries are held in quarantine.

Meanwhile, Carter, a man with no memory, receives some strange and peculiar instructions from an unknown source. Having no other option but to follow the instructions, he is now out on a special mission that might fetch him the solution to the infection, pushing the cinematic storytelling.

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Seen Carter on Netflix yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

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