The Good, Bad, and Future Possibilities for ‘Exception’ on Netflix

The Good, Bad, and Future Possibilities for ‘Exception’ on Netflix

Lo-and-behold, Netflix has brought in another addition to expand its ever-growing anime catalog. Exception on Netflix is an original anime series that will be catering to the science fiction and horror genres. And nothing less than brilliant ever comes out of this tried and tested combination.

The story for Exception is written by Hirotaka Adachi, who is the genius behind movies such as Stare and Summer Ghost. Moreover, the designs of this sci-fi anime series are in the experienced hands of Yoshitaka Amano, who has also designed Honeybee Hutch. With all these names involved, what can we expect from the anime? Let’s find out.

What is Exception on Netflix about?

The eight-episode long series follows an eccentric team who will test whether life is possible on another planet. The origin of the series is nothing new. It starts off with humans on the Blue Planet desperately searching for a new galaxy. However, Exception on Netflix presents a never-before-seen storyline.

In order to test whether the planet, X-10, is fit for survival, an advanced printer, unironically called ‘The Womb’ prints out biological individuals. This births our characters Oscar, Nina, Mack, and Patty. After birthing out four strong unique characters, ‘The Womb’ malfunctioned and printed out a 3D individual with genetic mutations named Lewis. The smooth-sailing spacecraft soon begins to face turbulence with Lewis’s entry.

Is it worth the watch?

The animated series on Netflix brings a lot of delicacies to the table. It has action, mystery, complex sci-fi stuff, and horror. But apart from that, Exception will brilliantly and subtly make you rethink your definition of humanity.

As Lewis enters the spaceship, the already onboard four members are split into what to do with him. Furthermore, the plot at hand is not the only interesting aspect of the series. Each character on board has a stellar back story that gives reason to their actions.

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Exception on Netflix also takes a jibe at those who fear that AI is eventually going to take over the world. However, the sloppy 3D animation does not allow the brilliant storytelling, amazing characters, and breathtaking music to shine to their fullest potential. Despite how eloquent they are, the animation keeps reminding you that the characters have come out of a printer.

The series received a 6.3 rating on IMDb. Decider reviews it with a “STREAM IT” verdict, calling its premise compelling, while Liesurebyte says the series will make you think if you can bear with the lackluster animation. watch the series on Netflix.

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