The Enchanted House of ‘Stranger Things,’ Where the Biggest Sorcerer Lived Is on Sale for THIS Amount

The Enchanted House of ‘Stranger Things,’ Where the Biggest Sorcerer Lived Is on Sale for THIS Amount

You probably have come across this sinister house if you have watched all four seasons of the Netflix show Stranger Things. In season 4, fans were introduced to a Victorian-style mansion named after Vecna’s family. The Creel House is the place where Henry unlocked his supernatural powers after he finds all those dark objects in the attic. As the show dove into memories, we get to know that 001 killed his whole family in that house.

Moreover, he resides in the same place after Eleven banished him from the real world. You might be wondering if the house in the show was in a good condition at all. Well, the Creel house isn’t crept by Demogorgons anymore and has been restored to glory. And the good news is that this enchanted house, where the biggest sorcerer lived, is on sale!

The horror house of Stranger Things was up on sale

Your Stranger Things Creel House, in real life, is located at 906 E 2nd Avenue in Rome, Georgia, and is recently renovated for resale. The mansion was built in 1882 and covers 6,000 square feet area of land. Keeping in mind how old this house is, they have given this seven-bedroom property a vintage look.

Moreover, the house is free from any Vecna danger and is listed for $1.5 million with all essential amenities. “(There is) a majestic formal dining room where telekinesis is no longer practiced during meals,” stated the listing.

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Also, people who are interested in buying this magnificent popular property would get to experience a good mix of lavish and antique lifestyles. The 140-year-old home features a modernly equipped kitchen, massive chandeliers, and Queen Anne-style furniture.

Furthermore, the kitchen also includes a separate pantry, mesmerizing wet bar, an ice maker, and ample cabinets. The home was sold to Shane Fatland, 37, and Bryan Schreier, 39, in 2019  for $350,000, who got this Stranger Things center place.

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According to them, places like these need constant care and it can be extremely overwhelming to keep up, but taking things one at a time might help.

Do you like the interiors of this most horrifying house of the season? Would you have bought the house for yourself? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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