The ‘Digimon’ Anime Franchise Predicted This Modern Tech Marvel 20 Years Ago

The ‘Digimon’ Anime Franchise Predicted This Modern Tech Marvel 20 Years Ago

Anime are not just visually appealing, but they are way ahead of their time. Digimon literally translates to “Digital Monsters” hence it is pretty evident that it is tech related. But what if we told you that they took their name quite seriously, so much so that they accurately predicted a technology that is rampant today? Something you might have not been able to relate to in the anime franchise has now become a need.

Being one of the oldest animes, this franchise has a special place in the hearts of its fans. That is why there is a special detail from the show which might shock you as to how advanced this franchise was when it first came out.

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What technological advancement did ‘Digimon’ anime predict two decades ago?

Modern technology’s one of the best inventions, the metaverse was predicted in not one but two films of this series. Metaverse is a place for humans to experience a virtual life through the internet. Apparently, Digimon predicted it at a time when the internet was far away from the speed and data it is able to process today.

As per Screen Rant, the initial two seasons of the show, Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, showed how something like that would exist in the future. The series is set in a universe where real individuals are “transported” to a virtual environment to fulfill activities that have real-world consequences.

It is shocking how the creators of the anime predicted something that would not exist for decades to come. However, the creators of Digimon are not the only ones to predict future inventions.

Some of the cool anime predictions that became true

The Ghost in the Shell, which debuted in the year 1995, talked about tech-based crimes or cybercrime in other words. While Chobits on the other hand, featured android phones in 2002 called Persocom. Some of the most realistic-looking mobile phones were shown in the show several years before the arrival of android.

Yet another mind-blowing modern invention was shown in Dragon Ball Z, which resembles today’s Google Lens. As per CBR, some fans believe that the design of the Google lens was actually inspired by a scouter.

It is really amazing to see how these animes were so accurate about the future, especially that of technology. You might as well start checking the recent shows to see what future predictions they have and keep a track of whether they come to live or not.

What are your thoughts on Digimon’s metaverse prediction? Tell us in the comments.

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