The De Facto King of Late 90s’ Action Heroes, Arnold Schwarzenegger Also Has a Cult-Titled Film He Regrets Creating

The De Facto King of Late 90s’ Action Heroes, Arnold Schwarzenegger Also Has a Cult-Titled Film He Regrets Creating

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man with many profiles. From being a prominent bodybuilder, box-office grossing star, a governor, and a successful businessman, the 75-year-old has certainly led an impressive life. And when he is not hitting the gym, talking politics, or working towards the cause of maintaining a sustainable environment, one would often find him pitching or shooting for some or other films.

Although he does not appear in many on-screen projects now, he once was the highest-paying actor in the industry, even falling into the vogue of the 100 most influential people of Times Magazine both in 2004 and 2007. Often considered one of the greatest action heroes of his time, the Austrian-American actor notably found his success through franchises like The Terminator. However, that is not all. He has even appeared in varied genres such as comedy and romance, even failing in one or two. And one such project he absolutely loathed creating is 1985’s, Red Sonja.

One film that Arnold Schwarzenegger hates from the core of his heart

Well, the epic sword and sorcery film, which you might now find interesting for its Saturday-Night-Live like buffoonery, but back then Red Sonja only grossed an amount of $6.9 million against its budget of $17.9 million. Well, no wonder the 7-time Olympia title winner regrets making this cult-titled film. Notably, in his book, Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Biography, the former professional bodybuilder has explicitly written that it is “the worst film [he’s] ever made.” 

Further maintaining his disdain towards the flick, Schwarzenegger even jokingly said once, per Far Out Magazine, that he would make his children watch Red Sonja 10 times if they cross the limit. Fortunately, they never did.

While some of his comedy titles such as TwinsKindergarten Cop, and Jingle All the Way have received critical appreciation to a certain extent when Schwarzenegger entered into the arena of fantasy, he regretted it. Bagging only 21% on Tomatometer (still much better than The Witcher prequel) and 5.1/10 on IMDb, the film did fail to gain admiration from its audience.

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