‘The Crown’ Cast Dominic West Defends the Criticism Against the Show, Says “People are very sensitive about the show”

‘The Crown’ Cast Dominic West Defends the Criticism Against the Show, Says “People are very sensitive about the show”

The Crown had its much-anticipated season 5 finally reach our screens, but somehow ended up stirring a huge outcry of controversies thus far. What made the show extra contentious is the way the timing of the release of its most crucial episodes aligned with the Queen’s sad demise. For the Royal Family, which is already facing scrutiny over King Charles’s ascend as the Monarch with a terrible ongoing economic crisis, it has become all the more tumultuous. 

How controversial does The Crown get, you ask? Well, the drama, as portrayed in the previous seasons, had already given a major hint as to what was coming. The latest season, however, completely dredged up the darkest time for the Royals’ reputation. People behind the closed doors of the Palace are vulnerable, and the people outside, equally outraged. Amidst the entire fiasco, the cast of the internationally acclaimed show has taken their stance to defend the condemnation.

How did Dominic West answer the criticism against The Crown?

The top-tier line of stars met the audience at the recent London premiere of the show. After facing crude criticism, a slew of them boldly put their opinions afoot, reminding people of the thin line that exists between fantasy and reality. Actor Dominic West, who portrays King Charles in the fifth installment, has aggressively served the purpose. According to the BBC, the star stated that “people are very sensitive about the show since the Queen died.

Assuring the subjects not to be worried about the course of events, he added he “would not have done it” had the writing been unfair. West further mentioned that “character is such a great part.” Spitting some more facts, the actor stated just “because he is an amazing actor, you can not really turn him down.” He thus generalized the actual efforts of the actors regardless of how much of a controversial character they are playing. Other cast members also pitched in their opinions regarding the same. 

Much sought-after actress Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Lady Diana in the ten new episodes, also remarked on how the script is “extremely fair to both sides.” Jonathan Pryce, who portrays Prince Phillip, weighed in on the brighter side of the chaos. He stated how people will feel a bit at comfort watching their favorite, longest-serving Queen embodied again. 

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The Crown has just released the latest new episodes of snow, which brings back some painful and unforgettable history of the Royal Family. Netflix proudly boasts of being the host while the audience has already turned impatient for its last season, the sixth. 

How did you like the latest installment? Have you streamed it yet?

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