‘The Call’ on Netflix Sends Halle Berry in Disbelief, Trends After 10 Years of Release

‘The Call’ on Netflix Sends Halle Berry in Disbelief, Trends After 10 Years of Release

The Call on Netflix is the number one film on the streaming giant, and it seems like Halle Berry is confused. But why? Well, the movie first came out in almost 10 years ago in 2013. After all this, it is suddenly getting viewers’ attention. It is no wonder Berry has important question to ask her fans soon after the movie started trending.

The Call had an interesting and unique concept but received mixed reviews at the time of its release. The movie earned only $68.6 million at the box office. However, since the pandemic-induced home time, many old movies like the Halle Berry-starred have resurfaced to top Netflix charts.

So, what is the movie about? What did Berry have to say about her film getting attention? Let’s find out.

What is The Call about?

The Call is a psychological crime thriller film by Brad Anderson, starring Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin, Morris Chestnut, Michael Eklund, Michael Imperioli, and David Otunga. The movie follows an LAPD 911 operator, Jordan, who is struggling with an incident that resulted in a teenager’s death. When she receives a call from a teenage girl kidnapped by a serial killer, she must use her experience to save the girl.

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The Call review

On Rotten Tomatoes, the Halle Berry starrer scored only 44% in critics’ reviews but 65% in the audience score. Moreover, the movie received 6.7 out 10 on IMDb. As mentioned earlier, the movie received mixed reviews. For instance, Grantland called The Call, “a cleverly made, smartly written, totally satisfying armrest-gripper.”

Meanwhile, Guardian wrote in its review: “A promising picture turns into gibberish. Shame.”

London Evening Standard too didn’t have a good opinion about film. Their review read: “The Call is the kind of vaguely smart, extremely gory gloop you should watch on TV, preferably when you’re tucked up in bed with a delirium-inducing fever. That way, you won’t notice when the script goes bonkers.”

Halle Berry has a question for her fans

When The Call reached Netflix’s Top 10 list for movies, Halle Berry has a hilarious response. She couldn’t believe the sudden craze the film was receiving. So, Berry ended up asking her fan if they were alright.

Maybe Berry was doing just fine to know that the film did not do that well in its days. But it is great to know that the viewers are still giving a chance to modest movies that aren’t part of some Cinematic Universe. Maybe there will be another random movie topping Netflix charts this weekend.

Have you streamed The Call on Netflix yet? What were your thoughts?

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