The “Best” Ryan Gosling Reaction to Will Smith’s Oscar Slap Was a Fake

The “Best” Ryan Gosling Reaction to Will Smith’s Oscar Slap Was a Fake

Years after moving from Philadelphia, Will Smith worked hard and established himself in the rapping industry despite his clean lyrics. And then he worked even harder to establish himself as the King of the Box Office and one of the greatest actors of all time. But despite all of this, his legacy will remain the moment that he got up on the Oscar stage and slapped Chris Rock, which merely took fifteen steps, a hand swing, and a loud smack of someone losing their respect.

The Academy Awards are a pedestal that each and every actor aims for and are not easy to get, and Leonardo DiCaprio can tell you that. Just like the Men in Black actor, many actors were gathered in the Dolby Theatre to celebrate phenomenal achievements. And watching Smith slap the host was definitely not a part of the show. After the slapgate that felt like a glitch in the matrix, the reactions of celebrities that were present went viral. And Ryan Gosling may not have won Best Picture with La La Land, but Twitter gave him the award for the best reaction.

Ryan Gosling smirking after Will Smith slap: Fact or fake

Like many of us, Ryan Gosling seemed to be enjoying the drama that was going on at the Oscars, and his reaction spiked a meme fest on Twitter. And if there was a contest, The Gray Man actor would take home the crown for the best reaction according to Twitter users. However, much like how La La Land mistakenly won Best Picture for ten seconds, Gosling’s reaction was also not meant for the Will Smith Oscar slapgate.

In the quest to get the most likes on a meme, many people started forging celebrity reactions from the 2017 Oscar mishap and using it in context with the 2022 Oscar slapgate. And Gosling’s reaction was also from the 2017 moment.

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Although Ryan Gosling’s reaction may not have been real, there were plenty of other celebrities who gave us meme-worthy reactions.

Meryl Streep giving a lot of Miranda Priestly vibe seeing Kim Kardashian’s flame outfit energy, and Mel Gibson trying to figure out if he has done something as scandalous as this. Smith’s Oscar slapgate will remain one if not the most scandalous moments in the film industry.

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