The Arnold Schwarzenegger Clone Movie You Need to Know About

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Clone Movie You Need to Know About

Arnold Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly a household name now. Even at 75, the Austrian actor has maintained his physique, lifts weights, and is an inspiration to many when it comes to bodybuilding. That said, in between the whole muscle-pumping career and becoming the governor of California, Schwarzenegger had established himself as a proficient action hero of his time.

Schwarzenegger has even tried his hand at directing and even appearing in a few genres beyond his apparent area of expertise. And in his career, while he might still regret creating a few of the motion pictures, some of his gigs also went unnoticed and underrated amidst his Terminator hype. One such work of his is a clone movie that was released in 2000.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also has a clone (in a movie…)

Are you familiar with any of those dystopian dramas that kick off slow-paced but steadily build up to a riveting, action-packed climax? While a plethora of titles might be surfing in your head right now, you might miss out on Schwarzenegger’s clone movie. And when we say a ‘clone movie’, we literally mean it. There is a twist here: It is an AI-generated bot. You must have perhaps guessed it by now. We are indeed talking about his 2000 sci-fi flick, The 6th Day. 

Having thoughtful futuristic appeal, the movie has artificial clones for everyone, excluding humans. Some mastermind goes beyond the boundaries and makes a robot double of Schwarzenegger’s character, Adam Gibson, who takes over his family and loved ones. The movie apparently sees our hero figuring out who made his clone and getting his family back to himself. Attempting to grapple with such large issues back in the 2000s, the flick is certainly worth giving a shot at. And for all the Schwarzenneger fans in the house, it has not one but two Arnold Schwarzenneger(s).

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How did the movie fare?

Yes, the Terminator actor made this movie back in the 2000s when he was probably trying his hand at producing and acting in various other genres. Even though this was not a very successful attempt, The Sixth Day earned $96.1 million. The IMDb rating for the same stands 5.9/10 as of now and the movie received a 40% of Rotten Tomato critic score. Well, if you are excited enough, you can always stream the movie on Netflix.

The film may not be a standout in his career, but it’s nonetheless a worthwhile actioner to watch. And if you have already watched it, do let us know your opinion about it in the comments below.

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