The Adam Project Reminds Reynolds of His Childhood Favourites Like ‘E.T.’

The Adam Project Reminds Reynolds of His Childhood Favourites Like ‘E.T.’

In a fighter pilot outfit, and with the same level of cynicism; Ryan Reynolds will soon crash the platform of Netflix bringing a brand new coming-of-age sci-fi to our screens. No, it’s not about superheroes and fourth-wall breakings or some new Deadpool sequel. This time he is coming from a bizarre future strapping up for some time-travel as Adam Reed. Reynolds teamed up with his Free Guy director, Shawn Levy, to helm Netflix’s imminent sci-fi epic, The Adam Project.

Apparently, the movie will reunite old Adam (Ryan Reynolds) with his adolescent self as they work together to save the future. Walker Scobell will play the younger self, marking his very first debut in the film industry. And watching the trailer, one can tell what a bright future this boy holds. Well, Reynolds is the perfect future Adam indeed. Talking about Reynolds and Scobell, the Marvel anti-hero recently shared how he met his younger self in real life and this idea of his new sci-fi flick with Levy. Let’s see what he got to say about all of it.

Scobell is a Deadpool fan!

The younger self of 2050 Adam Reed is a die-hard Deadpool fan, as he can recite all of it by heart. In an interview with Variety, Reynolds said, “We read, I don’t know, 147,000 kids it felt like, and then Walker read and it was just instant.” Apparently, this 12-year-old Adam has watched the Deadpool movies over 100 times his age. No doubt why he is a perfect mini-Ryan Reynolds.

The two actors met on a Zoom call for the first time. Scobell told Variety how he thought Reynolds to be shorter than his actual height. To which Reynolds cracked, “I’m wearing those four-inch lifts.” Seems like the video calling app has some trick to reunite the future self with his past self, and we surely need to figure it out.

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Moreover, Ryan Reynolds also opened up about what made them create this movie, and it’s rather interesting to know his thoughts.

The cynical meets the personal in The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds has hyped up this sci-fi flick by explaining its connection to his childhood besties like E.T. and Goonies. The Adam Project surely shares a few things in common with these films—a sci-fi coming of age movie that has a life-changing journey set for its characters.

“It felt like one of those big wish fulfillment movies with huge stakes and high concept, but it was really about something very personal as well, which is sort of what I loved about movies in the ‘80s,” Reynolds said. “It just felt like it sort of harkened back to that kind of filmmaking and in the period we live in right now, it felt timely.” He added, “I always think of it like the Mary Pickford model, which is make them laugh, make them cry and then bring them back to laughter. If you can do that, you’ve made something worth watching.”

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Did Inspiration come from ‘Free Guy’?

The story of The Adam Project doubles as a very personal look when a deeply cynical guy learns to open up about himself. And, of course; a lot of bewildering gadgets, crashed spaceship, and time travel adds up along with some hilarious moments in this Netflix Original. While Levy and Reynolds wanted something as original and incredible as their superhero flick Free Guy, “but this was a special experience, and we really wanted to keep that train marching along,” said Reynolds.

Lastly, when asked to give some message to his younger self, Reynolds said, “I think I lived in my head so much,” adding, “I probably would tell him to just lighten up. Enjoy it.”

The Adam Project makes its debut on March 11th only on Netflix, and we hope you won’t miss this adult cum kid sci-fi epic.

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