‘The Adam Project’ Actors Make a PSA About Daylight Savings Time Featuring a Time-Travel Legend

‘The Adam Project’ Actors Make a PSA About Daylight Savings Time Featuring a Time-Travel Legend

Today, as most Americans spring forward an hour, Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo did the needful. They made a public service announcement about Daylight Savings Time because no one should miss The Adam Project, on a streaming service that doesn’t involve showtimes. Makes sense, Ryan.

An announcement this significant cannot be handled by just two actors, despite their having played the roles of two of television’s most popular superheroes. They obviously needed the help of someone who specializes in the concept of time. And so, Christopher Lloyd decided to help them out. Lloyd, featuring Reynolds and Ruffalo, makes the perfect trio for this announcement. You can view it here.

Why Christopher Lloyd? Who is he?

The more “gen z” section of our readers might be unaware who Christopher Lloyd actually is. Well, here’s your clue: Back to the Future.

Lloyd is best known for his portrayal of Dr. Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future series. While “Doc” from the series remains his most distinctive role, Lloyd is quite the prominent actor. He boasts whopping 5 Emmy awards, along with two nominations at the Saturn Awards and a BIFA Award. If that isn’t the definition of an iconic career, we’re not sure what is.

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Where (and when) to stream The Adam Project?

Considering Ryan Reynolds and his signature humor, one might mistake his ironic “of course it is” in the clip with ‌facts. In a very Louis Reed style, Mark Ruffalo was right when he corrected his co-star.

The Adam Project is a Netflix Original and is available for streaming on the platform. The film was released on March 11, 2022, and has made quite the headlines ever since. Fans and critics both love the movie and it is the most authentic Ryan Reynolds-style film one could ever see.

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Stream only on Netflix!

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