“That’s bulls**t” – When Tommy Lee Jones Shut Will Smith’s Grievances From ‘Men in Black’

“That’s bulls**t” – When Tommy Lee Jones Shut Will Smith’s Grievances From ‘Men in Black’

Akin to Disney’s Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, Will Smith and his Men in Black co-star Tommy Lee Jones were quite the opposites-attract couple off-screen. The sci-fi movie is considered to be one of the most iconic movies of the past decades. The humor and intriguing plot make it a good watch even after the 10th time. While the plot was interesting, it was no doubt the amazing chemistry Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones shared as Agent K and Agent J that sealed the deal.

The two play the government agents, whose sole mission is to make sure no one finds out about the existence of aliens. And of course, sending good aliens back home, fighting off the bad ones, and preventing a national crisis, are all a part of the pact. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ amazing comradery both on and off set is what makes the movie special. While there are several on-screen moments that are a testament to Agent K and Agent J’s friendship, a press conference before the release of Men in Black 3 proves how amazing Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ bond is off the screen.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are like two peas in a pod

From the very beginning, apart from his musical and acting talents, if there is one thing that Smith was applauded for was his easy-going attitude during interviews. The Men in Black 3 promotions in 2012 gave to us one of the most precious moments of the Smith and Jones friendship. The Pursuit of Happyness actor chose the occasion to rant about how Jones does not pay attention to him.

He’s always on his cell phone” and “He’ll just look at my clothes” are things we expect a frustrated wife to say and not something that would come out of the Ali actor’s mouth.

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The icing on the cake, however, was when Jones replied to Smith’s long rant about not getting attention with a “That’s bulls***t.” And we agree with him on that one because Jones gives a speech about how Will Smith makes the entire set happy with his presence. Over the course of three blockbuster movies, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have formed an amazing bone. You can enjoy their hilarious back-and-forth on Netflix.

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