“That’s been a huge asset of mine”- Hollywood A-Lister, Ryan Reynolds on How Writing Helped Him Outdo Himself on Screen

“That’s been a huge asset of mine”- Hollywood A-Lister, Ryan Reynolds on How Writing Helped Him Outdo Himself on Screen

As the saying goes, reaching the top might be a piece of cake, but it is staying at the top that takes courage. A plethora of blooming actors and stars have skyrocketed the industry at various points, but only a few have managed to stay there. Ryan Reynolds undoubtedly has a god-gifted talent for engaging his audience till they get their hearts racing. For over a decade, the Deadpool star has been winning hearts despite his occasional struggles. However, he has got an interesting way to get himself through it.

It is no secret that most of his characters on screen are the versions of the ones he has played in the past. Thus, there is always a potential risk of repeating himself and staying stagnant in his career. Nonetheless, for all we know, Reynolds’ acting profession has actively developed through the years only because he got a secret solution to help himself out. 

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Revealing the same in a November 2021 interview with FirstPost, Ryan Reynolds affirmed, “I mostly use writing as a tool to get me out of trouble.” The outlet asked him about how he manages to keep his humor intact through all the more or less the same subject matter. The actor has been religiously following, jotting down things as his fix for the last ten years or so, and it has never failed him to this day.

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In fact, he calls the skill of putting his plans on paper one of his greatest abilities. “That’s been a huge asset of mine,” the star further confessed. “I don’t take it for granted, I’m very lucky to be able to do that,” added Reynolds. Moreover, he believes that the biggest barometer of whether a movie is funny or not depends on if he himself finds it to be funny enough. 

What does Ryan Reynolds do when writing does not help? 

Nonetheless, proving that he is also a human, the star admits that sometimes even writing down about film does not help. It is then that he stops diving in further into it and invests his energy into a different genre. The actor never runs out of film offers and projects and always has something or the other going on alongside. 

In his career of 10 years and more, Reynolds has worked in several movies that fetched him timeless fame and glory. His all-time hits include the Marvel franchise, Deadpool, where he plays the mercenary, and a deadly humorous superhero of the MCU. 

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