“That would be terrifying”: Tyler Henry Reveals Secrets About His Art, Background, and Family as ‘Life After Death With Tyler Henry’ Streams on Netflix

“That would be terrifying”: Tyler Henry Reveals Secrets About His Art, Background, and Family as ‘Life After Death With Tyler Henry’ Streams on Netflix

Tyler Henry is an American reality show personality but above all a clairvoyant, who helps people find closure after losing a loved one. He became a household name with his TV show, Hollywood Medium, where he did readings for  several celebrities in the industry. Now, after leaving behind Hollywood Medium, Henry is all set to share his gifts with regular people with his Netflix show, Life After Death With Tyler Henry.

In the series, he will read for regular people he comes across as he takes to the country roads. However, through Life After Death With Tyler Henry, we will also get an insight into Henry’s journey and family history.

The reality show will launch on Netflix on March 11th, 2021, with nine episodes. There is no other cast involved. Only Tyler Henry, in his simple outfit, will host the show, going from one person to another.

As part of the promotions, Tyler had an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, during which he shared details about the upcoming series and what he hopes to achieve with it.

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Tyler Henry talks about Netflix’s Life After Death With Tyler Henry

In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Tyler Henry shares his hopes for the show. According to Henry, Life After Death With Tyler Henry focuses on pulling back the veil that separates us from our healing. Everyone has lost someone they love and they too need reading to get the closure and heal. Reportedly, Henry realized his powers at the age of ten when he got an overwhelming sense of his grandmother’s death. Since then, he focused on giving people closure and helping them heal from loss.

So how do his powers work?

Tyler answers, “I don’t see dead people walking around. That would be terrifying. I just get impressions and these impressions rely on my physical senses to come through.” His physical senses correspond with how somebody might have died, or sometimes he will get a message in his head, and sometimes he gets smell or taste. So, he collects all his stimulus information and interpret it in a way that make sense and was specific.

During the interview, Henry also shared a tad bit about his family lineage, which we will come across in the new series, as well. He admitted to finding out recently that his mother was adopted as a child. With such personal insight into Henry’s life, we can expect so see several instances of vulnerability in the series, and Henry hopes that you do.

Life After Death With Tyler Henry drops on Netflix on March 11, 2022. Will you stream the series?

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