“That sounds like stupidity with extra steps”: ‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Ridicule a Fan Theory Including a Forced Social Commentary

“That sounds like stupidity with extra steps”: ‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Ridicule a Fan Theory Including a Forced Social Commentary

Fans of Rick and Morty have been trolling one of their own. As imaginative as it is, the cartoon series often describes current world scenarios in their own humorous way. And fan theories about the scenarios are just as wild. We sometimes see the most random thing being picked and given a political narrative. The newest post is no different, and the comments have a lot to say.

The episode The Ricks Must Be Crazy is where Rick’s gadget first appears on the show. It’s called a Microverse Battery and is used for supplying power to his flying ship. The battery has its own miniature universe wherein intelligent life forms exist. Rick gives them kinetic devices to produce electricity. But most of the energy produced is used by Rick for powering his ship under the guise of ‘waste power’.

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The ship is sailing smoothly until a scientist from the Microverse battery called Zeep Xanflorp invents his own Miniverse. This basically negates the value of Rick’s kinetic devices. Rick and Zeep became rivals and ended up having a battle that the former won. And now fans have a comment or two about the episode and its messaging.

Rick and Morty: Cartoon vs fans theory

A user name ‘CaptainMurica’ posted on Rick and Morty‘s Reddit fan page wall with the caption, ‘Some people just don’t understand the show’s social commentary, along with a picture from Rick and Morty. The fan goes on to state that Rick being smarter flips Zeep because Zeep is voiced by Stephen Colbert, who is outspoken about his politics as a supporter of the liberal side. And that Rick wins the battle of good vs evil the way Jordan Peterson states. (Peterson is known for his outspoken conservative views).

some people just don’t understand the show’s social commentary from rickandmorty

The comment section of the post was filled with Rick and Morty fans disagreeing with the post’s content.


One fan commented, “That sounds like stupidity with extra steps,” which is a tweaked comment of the original dialogue ‘That sounds like slavery with extra steps‘ as said by Morty when he visits the Microverse.

While others wondered if the person who posted the post was serious about his opinion or just trolling around. It seems like everyone watches the cartoon with their own purpose and angle. Do you think cartoons are just for entertainment, or is there more to them? Watch Ricky and Morty on Netflix, and let us know in the comments!

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