“That mystery is gone” – Ana de Armas Explains Why She Feels That Movie Stars Do Not Exist Anymore

“That mystery is gone” – Ana de Armas Explains Why She Feels That Movie Stars Do Not Exist Anymore

Ana de Armas, who is a celebrity herself, does not believe that stars exist anymore. Celebrities have a massive fan following, with fans often going gaga over their favorite ones. The idea of a celebrity has certainly changed over time, although there is a question about how right Armas could be about her explanation.

The Cuban- Spanish actress is not very fond of the world of social media. She made a comparison of old Hollywood to new to tell a difference about how the idea of a star differs today.

Why Ana de Armas feels the difference between the old and newer stars and their status

The line between a megastar and a normal civilian may be getting thinner. During a Vanity Fair interview, Ana de Armas said, “There is so much information out there and oversharing. That mystery is gone.” In the older decades, the idea of a celebrity meant someone who was untouchable and almost an idol to the masses. However, it has greatly changed in modern times. But she blames social media for it all.

The actress feels that the world of the internet lets the actor expose themselves up close to their audience. While that can be a good thing, the actress feels it leaves no mystery over the idea of a star. The entertainer feels strongly about the use of social media and does not use it. Blaming the wrong and dark side of the internet, she said she would have deleted Instagram if she could.

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Meanwhile, her own latest movie Blonde has been a heavy topic of discussion all over. Mostly for good reasons, considering its plot line, cast, and direction.

Armas played the role of fan-favorite Marilyn Monroe in Blonde

Blonde tells the story of American sweetheart Marilyn Monroe. Armas’ 2022 movie received a lot of appreciation on the internet, which she accepted during her interview. While she is okay about discussing her movie roles and professional, it’s her personal life that she heavily guards.

The actress is not comfortable with the pressure of performing on social media. Perhaps why she feels that stars these days do not carry the aura that older actors did.

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