“Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not just a slasher movie, it’s a lot more than that”, Says Director David Blue Garcia

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not just a slasher movie, it’s a lot more than that”, Says Director David Blue Garcia

It was a little unpredictable on Netflix’s part to drop a slasher film during Valentine’s month. But it did anyway! Directed by David Blue Garcia, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a direct sequel to the 1977 classic movie of the same name. Toby Hooper’s slasher classic was a great introduction to the hixploitation subgenre, which paved the way for films like Hostel and Saw.

More than 50 years passed since the manic psycho Leatherface terrorized the inhabitants and the visitors of a rural Texas town. A group of unsuspecting young influencers visit Harlow, the delipidated town of Texas, and become victims of Leatherface. The original film victimized the hippies, while the latest reboot has influencer entrepreneurs buying the town to sell it to the highest bidder. While they come to inspect their property, they don’t realize that their worst nightmare is hiding in one of the abandoned buildings. 

Garcia and writer Fede Alvarez worked together to bring back the classic with a modern twist for the new generation. Their intention was to “also refresh the fans of the classic film to give them something new.”

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Made for the horror junkies Texas Chainsaw is unpredictable 

During an interview in Netflix Geeked’s Horror 101, Alvarez mentions that the flick has an unpredictable ending with compelling characters. Texas Chainsaw Massacre also has various themes woven into this slasher action and brings the same tense atmosphere as the original. When asked about its cult status, Garcia explains, “It feels like something that could really happen. And indeed, it’s based on certain stories from across the country that did happen.”

So it offers more than just blood and gore to its fans. The movie makes you “feel alive” as most of us are living in a very predictable world. Adding to that Alvarez emphasizes that horror movies give you an adrenaline rush. He experienced that when he watched his first horror movie: The Hand.

Director Garcia opines that he loves horror movies because they make you feel a primitive emotion like fear. He first watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on TV when he was in middle school. It was an unsettling watch for Garcia for he grew up in rural Texas where the original story was based. But weirdly enough, he recalls that the first movie that terrified him was Steven Spielberg’s E.T! 

You can get more such tidbits from the creators of the Netflix flick in the video tweeted above. After watching it, share with us your thoughts.

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