Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: Everything You Need to Know From Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Many More

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: Everything You Need to Know From Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Many More

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the ninth movie of the franchise, but the direct sequel of 1974’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Starring Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Mark Burnham, Jacob Latimore, Moe Dunford, Olwen Fouéré, Alice Krige, Jessica Allain, and Nell Hudson, the new movie follows sole survivor of the OG movie, Sally Hardesty, and her question for revenge. And while Netflix is yet to confirm a sequel, we surely can expect it, given the shocking ending of the movie.

Will there be a sequel?

In conversation with EW, Producer, and co-writer Fede Álvarez expresses that the film has the full potential to have a sequel, but it also depends upon Netflix. He claims, “I would never want to be too specific. Any thoughts are kind of spoiler. But I’m sure if there’s a chance to make another one, we’ll be ready.”

So, let’s dig deeper and find out how much potential the film has to have another sequel.

Disclaimer: If you haven’t yet watched the film on Netflix, we suggest you do so before reading ahead because there are major spoilers.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 release date

Netflix still hasn’t officially confirmed the release date of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. The film released just a few days ago, so we have to wait a minimum of 2 months before Netflix announces anything about a sequel.

If the filming and production of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 starts later this year, we can have a sequel at the end of 2023.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre ending

From 1973, Leatherface has had many victims throughout his life. But, after so many years, the only survivor of the 1973 massacre, Sally Hardesty, is back to take her revenge. At the end of the film, only three people are left alive, who are Sally, Lila, and Melody. Unfortunately, Sally couldn’t stand her ground against the brutal killer, leaving Lila and Melody to fend for themselves.

Later, as the two sisters try to get out of Harlow, Leatherface drags Melody, and Lila helplessly watches her sister getting killed. So, if there will be a sequel, Lila will come back, just like Sally, to take her revenge. In a way, the ending of the new movie acts as passing the torch to a new generation.

During a CBR interview, director David Blue Garcia explains, “We’re trying to tell this story and keep the story alive for another generation. But they’re still fans of the original out there, so many of us.”

Who will return in the sequel?

Only Lila is alive in the recent film and every other character is dead. So we can expect Elsie Fisher as Lila and Mark Burnham as Leatherface to reprise their respective roles. Therefore, we will witness many fresh faces in the possible sequel film.

Is there a trailer yet?

Since Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed any release date for the sequel film, there is no trailer for the second film.

What are your thoughts on a sequel to Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Comment down below.

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