Ten New Contestants and an All Time High Prize Everything You Need To Know About ‘Blown Away’ Season 3

Ten New Contestants and an All Time High Prize Everything You Need To Know About ‘Blown Away’ Season 3

In the third season of Blown Away, ten new candidates compete in ten unique tasks to be declared Best in Glass. This year’s winner will get the largest prize package yet: $60,000 in cash and a residence at the world-renowned Corning Museum of Glass. At Corning, the winning work will be on display for the first time ever.

The pressure is on, and the heat is on. The contestants are pushed to push their technical and conceptual talents to the maximum in an all-out effort to show one of them is better than the others. Want to know more about the show and find out when it starts streaming? Then keep on reading.

The new contestants of Blown Away season 3

Popular scientific influencer Nick Uhas hosts the show. Famous glass artist and educator Katherine Gray will be joining Nick. Katherine serves as the resident judge for the participants’ artwork. Throughout the season, professional glass artists, including Season 1 champion Deborah Czeresko, participate as guest judges.

This season’s participants have interesting backstories and intensely personal artwork. The new ten contestants are:

  • Brenna Baker
  • Claire Kelly
  • Dan Friday
  • Grace Whiteside
  • John Moran
  • John Sharvin
  • Madeline “Maddy” Hughes
  • Minhi England
  • Rob Stern
  • Trenton Quiocho

What’s the show about, and when is it premiering?

The hosts provide fascinating challenges inspired by outer space, the circus, the Seven Deadly Sins, and other themes. Competitors must construct an original piece of blown glass artwork for each task. They begin by drawing life-size renditions of their envisioned masterpieces on the heated shop floor using chalk and then work with designated assistance to produce their works of art.

Each round culminates with a display and analysis of each item by the assessors, culminating in one declared winner – Best in Blow — and one elimination. Contestants will be eliminated if they fail to impress the assessors (and the competition) with their concept, inventiveness, and technical abilities.

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If the amazing concept and interesting contestants of Blown Away season 3 intrigue you then you can stream the show on Netflix.

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