Tears! “It’ll Pass” Fleabag Scene Is Actually More Heartbreaking Than You Believe

Tears! “It’ll Pass” Fleabag Scene Is Actually More Heartbreaking Than You Believe

In an era where various OTT platforms try to grab your attention by the jugular by releasing an overwhelming amount of content, Fleabag, despite originally being a television drama, immortalized itself with just two words. While it was Phoebe Waller’s Bridge street smart humor and the quagmire that she often finds herself in with men, that took the awards, one scene, in particular, starring Fleabag and hot Priest took the hearts.

Season 2 of the series steered away from the fiasco of her eccentric love life to take us into a painful ditch of one-sided love. Or so we thought. The Internet is currently having a meltdown as they discover that the saddest scene from Fleabag gets sadder.

The iconic “It’ll Pass” scene is once again causing a mass meltdown

In season 2 of Fleabag, the protagonist finally becomes sure of something: Her love for the hot Priest. This realization, after much coercing, leads her to finally confess in the most 21st-century way possible. “You know, the worst thing is that I fu**ing love you. I love you,”. Only for the Hot Priest to say “It’ll pass“. And considering how we are still discussing the scene, he was catastrophically wrong. However, it gets progressively sadder.

With his “It’ll pass” statement, the Hot Priest took our breaths away enough to not notice that he actually says “I love you too” seconds later.

Fans who understandably rewatched the series enlightened others about this fact, which ultimately caused everyone to lose their marbles over it again for the nth time. Saying that it was cathartic would be an understatement. The feelings that it has managed to arouse and the impact that it still has is very similar to the devastating nod that Sebastian Wilder gave in La La Land.

Do Fleabag and the Priest end up together?

The mastermind behind the series, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, deserves a standing ovation for pairing together the most unlikely couple. While we give her an A+ for creativity and execution, fans really have a bone to pick with her for taking it all away from them with three simple words: “It will pass”.

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While the hot Priest does say “I love you too,” he chooses his relationship with God over the one with Fleabag. And Fleabag and the hot Priest do not end up together.

Did this scene wreck you as much as it did other fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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