Taylor Swift to Join Emma Stone For Part Two of This 2021 Crime-Comedy, a Musical?

Taylor Swift to Join Emma Stone For Part Two of This 2021 Crime-Comedy, a Musical?

Dearest Swifties, it is time you put everything aside and sit still, as you might feel a ‘Lavender Haze’ creeping up on you. With a total of 10 albums and many singles, Taylor Swift has a cult-classic following of her own. Whether the magic lies in her moving lyrics or how she manages to portray them with a perfect rhythmic balance, we do not know. But what we do know is that she might just appear in a new musical.

If you happen to know about the misfit Disney character, Cruella, and her journey through the curves and creases to find an identity of her own in the world of fashion and music, and if you happen to like it; you are in for a treat. Disney will reportedly be producing a sequel to the lavish spectacle of wicked, stylish fun. And this is not even the main part of the news.

Reports suggest Cruella 2 will be a musical and Taylor Swift will perhaps join Emma Stone to make it all the more enchanted.

For those who are not aware of the whereabouts of Disney’s most fashionably astute anti-heroine, here is a gist. The titular Cruella was once a fashion enthusiast Estella who met two thieves who appreciated her appetite for mischief. Together they built a life for themselves in the streets of London. However, all of it changed when she came into acquaintance with the fashion icon, Baroness von Hellman, embraced her wicked side, and eventually became revenge-driven Cruella.

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While Emma stone is certainly the best part of the movie, having Taylor Swift on board will certainly be a cherry on top. And although everything is just in the air, fans are having a good time.

Taylor Swift fans twirl in joy, hearing the rumor

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Tay Tay is a true music icon, a revolution within herself, and watching her on-screen would be no short of a blessing for her huge fandom. And fans do not fail to prove it as they react with enthusiasm to the rumor.

Albeit her 2019 film, Cats did not receive much appreciation, Tay Tay fans suggest if this is true, they will be seated.

Are you a Swiftie too? What are your thoughts about this potential musical? Do let us know in the comments below.

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