“Tapping ‘not interested’ is not enough”: Eddie Munson Finds Himself Facing Backlash in a Curious Turn of Events Following The ‘Stranger Things’ Finale

“Tapping ‘not interested’ is not enough”: Eddie Munson Finds Himself Facing Backlash in a Curious Turn of Events Following The ‘Stranger Things’ Finale

Stranger Things season 4 was a dark and deep monster-infested road that took us directly to the Upside Down. This dangerous place cost many lives from sweet Barb to the popular High School girl Chrissy. And there was a special character whose exit affected the fans deeply, the D&D leader Eddie Munson. We saw viewers paying him tributes, doing cosplay, and demanding him back in the final season. However, today the most unpredictable thing is fans as nobody knows when their interest changes and it’s almost a flicker of the moment they turn things differently. Something similar is the case when Eddie started facing backlash from fans on TikTok.

Fan reaction on social media hints at the end of the Eddie Munson era

After two months of Stranger Things season 4, it looks like the hype is all going down. The tragic death of fan-favorite Eddie Munson brought much attention to the show. Fans constantly praised the character and posted videos, artworks, comments, memes, etc., on social media.

But according to the recent report sent out by Gamesradar, it seems that the fans have started lashing out and they are over Eddie. Naomie Lapointe, a TikTok user recently received disappointed comments on the video she posted from the time at a Chicago-based comic expo. The anti-Eddie group started calling her out that new fans like her are ruining the show.

A lot of the comments I got were about how ‘new fans’ were ruining the show, or how ‘cosplay is so cringe,’” Naomie told Rolling Stone.

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Moreover, a songwriter named Sapphire had to put her comment section off for “Eddie Baby” posts because users went on criticizing her for the song that referred to Eddie’s tragic death in Upside Down. There has been a debate going on between people on social media and some are saying that Eddie is not the only significant part of the show.

“I cannot understand how people on TikTok are denouncing the Stranger Things fandom as a whole just bc some girl wrote a fansong for Eddie Munson. None of you would’ve survived broadwaystuck,” a Twitter user commented.

While many are defending that these haters should let fandoms in whatever way they want it to be.

“Every time I stumble upon a TikTok about hating Eddie Munson cosplayers, I just block them. tapping ‘not interested’ is not enough,” tweeted a fan.

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Are you are fan of Eddie Munson? Do you still wish to see him in the next season of Stranger Things? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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