Sydney Sweeney Picks Her Favorite Bikini From Francesca’s Collection, and It Is Not the Famous Kiss Print Bikini

Sydney Sweeney Picks Her Favorite Bikini From Francesca’s Collection, and It Is Not the Famous Kiss Print Bikini

Sydney Sweeney is arguably one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Her unbounded beauty is one of the reasons she got the chance to collaborate with one of the top bikini brands in America, Frankies Bikinis. The 25-year-old recently went to Rome for the shoot, and the looks involving the actress released by the brand are spellbinding.

The Euphoria actress and the brand’s collaboration is inspired by Italian Summer Romance. The actress is so in love with the collection that it was hard for her to choose her favorite look. However, she eventually selected it and said, “I love the cherry bikini pieces—it’s a bit of both Francesca and I.”

The newest collection of shapewear by the brand has taken the internet by storm with its unique looks. Sweeney finds it difficult to choose a favorite because of the elaborate use of imagination and design in the outfits. Moreover, the creators have experimented a lot with the new looks this time and made the actress do something she has never done before.

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How did Sydney Sweeney create the kiss print for the brand?

One of the unique pieces in the collection is the one with a kiss print, where the actual lip marks of the 25-year-old are used. When Elle magazine asked her whether the process was hot or hilarious, the White Lotus actress mentioned that it was both.

She had to apply several coats of various hues of red color on her lips for the process. She had to kiss the pieces of paper while simultaneously sending the pictures to the designer, Francesca. It became hilarious for her since she had to take care of everything, from the amount of color she had to apply to the perfect partition of lips she had to make.

The Sharp Objects actress also mentioned that her bathroom was full of papers with her lip marks on it. However, her hard work paid off, and the collection became a huge hit. She shot for the collection in Rome, Italy, where she was also shooting for her upcoming psychological thriller, Immaculate.

The Reality actress has claimed that the city of Rome helped them perfectly to encapsulate and evoke the sentiments underlying the collection.

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