Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Madame Web’ Character Could Bring Some Major Issues for the MCU, Here’s How

Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Madame Web’ Character Could Bring Some Major Issues for the MCU, Here’s How

Sydney Sweeney is riding an unstoppable flight of projects, and this is a known fact. More importantly, she is landing some of the big banner productions, like Sony Pictures, with whom she is doing one of the impatiently awaited projects, Madame Web, and the second, Barbarella. Sweeney is working in the former, with Dakota Johnson as the lead. But do you know her character in Madame Web is in for a longer run?

Even though the Fifty Shades of Grey star is playing the lead in the film, the Euphoria actress’s character seems to be exploring further after Madame Web. It is a clear hint that Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is on its way to developing its own franchise. While SSU made the bold move of bringing Andrew Garfield back in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the chances of the The White Lotus actress’s character getting her own film in the future should come as no surprise to cinephiles.

Apparently, Sonyverse on its way to developing its own franchise is a threat to MCU in the future. However, Sony Pictures’ Spiderman contract with the MCU is intact, and hence you will see Tom Holland in MCU further. Moreover, the character of Everything Sucks! actress is the descendent of Madame Web’s character and will further become the second Spider-woman, hence costing MCU a potential character in the future.

If Sony kept running at this pace, developing potential storylines for its characters, Sonyverse will soon be giving MCU and DCU a tough fight. Meanwhile, how is the Reality star’s character affecting all this?

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What do we know about the character of Sydney Sweeney in Madame Web?

The Lost Daughter star is playing Cassandra Webb in the film while the Spokane native is portraying Julia Carpenter. Her character further becomes a descendant of Webb’s character. As per Screen Rant, while the character of Johnson is enough to unite the scattered universe of Sony Pictures, it seems like Carpenter will come in handy in rejoining it while being the second Spider-Woman.

While Spiderman employs physical webbing, Spider-Woman truly utilizes mental energy to weave her webs. Sony Pictures’ focus on the character of Carpenter is a bit odd, but given that it acts as a bridge between Spiderman and Madame Web, it is logical.

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