Sydney Sweeney Calls Herself a “Cheap Dinner Date,” Here Is Why

Sydney Sweeney Calls Herself a “Cheap Dinner Date,” Here Is Why

Sydney Sweeney is one of those stars who are very cautious about their health. The Euphoria actress once revealed that the only drink she consumes is water. She started drinking plenty of water at the age of thirteen, and it has worked wonders for her glowing and flawless skin.

Sydney shot a video for Cosmopolitan around a year ago, in which she tried to tell the difference between cheap and expensive foods, outfits, cosmetics, and jewelry. And when it came to food, you will be shocked to know the kind of food Sydney Sweeney likes.

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Sydney Sweeney only likes cheap food

The White Lotus actress was offered a total of three food items: truffle chips, rose lollipops, and pesto. Sadly, she guessed all of them wrong. Actually, she chose the items she liked and ended up liking all the cheap ones. “I am a cheap dinner date, that’s for sure,” she said jokingly while also adding how she should not be taken anywhere fancy to eat.

The best thing about this small-town girl is that she does not care about cheap or expensive stuff; she goes with what she likes. Though she liked cheap eatables, her taste in jewelry is completely different. Sweeney is a fan of fine jewelry and keeps herself away from all the fake ones. 


Apparently, when it comes to food, the 25-year-old also has a huge love for sweets, especially ice cream. In one of her recent interviews with GQ, she spoke about how she always carries something sweet with her. With around eight different types of candy boxes in front of her, she distributed them in three categories: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Spokane native stated that she could consume sweet foods at all three meals.

In her defense, she has mentioned before that she struggles a lot to maintain the expensive lifestyle she has. As she does not have a Godfather in Hollywood, she is the one paying her own bills, and even though she has worked on quite huge projects; she is still a struggling actor.

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Where would you like to take Sydney Sweeney for a “cheap dinner date”? Tell us in the comments.

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