“Sword is actually half-length” – Henry Cavill Once Explained the Reason Behind Using Cut-off Swords in ‘The Wicther’

“Sword is actually half-length” – Henry Cavill Once Explained the Reason Behind Using Cut-off Swords in ‘The Wicther’

Henry Cavill might have left The Witcher, but his stories and memories associated with the show will always be with him and his fans. The actor got the show in the first place because he is a gaming nerd and used to play the same game and read all the books written on it. The show is famous for its amazing storyline and especially the spine-chilling stunt scenes.

When Cavill got the chance to play Geralt of Rivia, he was quite excited about it and all the stunt scenes he would perform. When After the show debuted in 2019, in January 2020, the Man of Steel actor explained one of the most famous fight scenes of the show, scene by scene, and why the makers used a cut-off sword in it.

The first episode of the series featured the well-known Blaviken Fight Scene after Geralt enters the town searching for Renfri. In that scene, Cavill used a half-length sword, which he explains in the video. He said that the half-cut swords were used because sometimes the scenes could be very dangerous.

Geralt’s sword is actually half-length. With the half-length, it allows for a lot more moves to be done which involves blood and gore,” revealed the actor in the video. He also said using a sword can be challenging at times in multiple retakes when one is moving quickly, and their adrenaline is high, which can sometimes be tricky.

However, the cut-off swords were not the only famous thing about this episode. There are other things that made this scene very special and got Geralt the title of “Butcher of Blaviken”.

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This tough-looking scene was shot in a single take

As shocking as this sounds, it is true. The scene was shot in just one take, with one camera monitoring the whole action in a continuous sequence. The Enola Holmes actor subsequently recalled this as one of the most challenging choreography and directorial challenges. It was designed by a famous stunt and fight coordinator, Wolfgang Stegemann.

While this scene lives rent-free in fans’ hearts and minds, they are looking forward to the show’s season 3, which will be Cavill’s last appearance as Geralt before Liam Hemsworth takes over in season 4. However, there is no confirmation of the release date of the new season yet.

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