Surprise: Young Adults Have a Change of Heart for Will Smith

Surprise: Young Adults Have a Change of Heart for Will Smith

Will Smith shocked the industry and the audience alike when he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars and then proceeded to receive the honor of Best Actor for King Richards. However, the Oscar-winning actor has been banned by the Academy Awards for a decade. Smith’s conduct at the Oscars gave way to memes and discussions on what society deems acceptable.

Even before Smith could leave the Oscars venue, his young adult audience had already made him a Golden meme. But nearly a year and an award-deserving movie later, a survey taken by Maru Group/ Blue Omnibus shows that the young adult audience has decided to have mercy on Will Smith.

Is the young adult audience ready to accept Will Smith again?

One of the biggest debates after his Oscar slap gate was whether or not the audience would accept any project that had Smith in its package. We have an answer thanks to the Maru Group/Blue Omnibus survey based on 1517 respondents on the 16th of December. 29% of young adult consumers reported that their perception of Will Smith has become more favorable ever since the slap, as reported by Variety.

While the older demographics were quick to show their disdain, with an average of 8% for the age group 35-54 and 6% for over 55. Furthermore, the survey entailed questions on the willingness to see Will Smith in a lead role and whether the public perception of the actor after the Oscar slap gate was favorable or not. And the young adult respondents ended up in favor of Fresh Prince. There are many reasons why this may be the case.

Firstly, given the massive amounts of shocking pop culture moments that they are being fed daily, it is hard to hold a grudge against something that happened nearly a year ago. Second, most young adults have a childhood memory attached to the actor and his evergreen movies.

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Third, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscar meme is overkill. However, those older are hell-bent on boycotting the Oscar-winning actor and his movies. There is no denying, especially after Emancipation, that Smith is a wonderful actor. Maybe the young adult demographic favors a good cinema experience more than holding a grudge against Will Smith.

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