Superstore Meets Brooklyn99 in Blockbuster, Check Out the Amazing Cast and Characters of the Netflix Show

Superstore Meets Brooklyn99 in Blockbuster, Check Out the Amazing Cast and Characters of the Netflix Show

What better way to binge away your weekday stress than with a funny sitcom? However, there hasn’t been a new addition to the sitcom library since Superstore ended with its sixth season. But Netflix is here to rescue us with its latest comedy series. The show stars some truly great actors and writers, making it a real blockbuster, much like its name. Let’s check out the Blockbuster cast as well.

Blockbuster Netflix cast

Netflix has really gone all the way to cast some really hysterical actors with impeccable comic timing to star in the brand new show. The series regulars include,

Tyler Alvarez is Carlos, a first-generation immigrant. He has a passion for becoming a filmmaker but wants to respect his parent’s wish for him to live the American dream. He watched Hollywood movies to learn English, which is now his love language.

Madeleine Arthur is Hannah. She is a really sweet and charming girl. Hannah lost her mother when she was young. But is always surrounded by her family at Blockbuster.

Olga Merediz will be playing Connie. Connie works at the store, not for money but to make friends. She is the unintentional mother of the group as well as the store regulars.

JB Smoove plays Percy. Percy is the overconfident mall and party store owner. He always thinks that “he’s the man with the plan.” He is a styles smart man and best friends with his buddy Timmy. He has a daughter whom he loves very much.

Kamaia Fairburn is the smart and scary daughter of JB Kayla. She doesn’t like to talk orders from all, which is hard for Timmy while she’s working at Blockbuster.

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The minds behind the show

The show will also bring a lot of great minds together for writing, including Vanessa Ramos, who previously wrote Superstore and Brooklyn 99, David Caspe(Black Monday), with Happy Endings writer Jackie Clarke. They will also serve as executive producers with John Davis and John Fox of Davis Entertainment.

The ensemble is led by Randal park and Melissa Fumero. Blockbuster is about the last Blockbuster store in America and what it takes to run it.

Are you excited for this new show? Do let us know what you think about the show and its great cast in the comments.

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