‘Superman Returns’ Star Brandon Routh Has a Hilarious Response to Henry Cavill Replacement Rumors

‘Superman Returns’ Star Brandon Routh Has a Hilarious Response to Henry Cavill Replacement Rumors

DC characters have multiple characters that have a religious fan following. Clark Kent/Kal-El, who is also known as Superman, is one of them. Before Henry Cavill captured everyone’s hearts, many actors played Superman, including Brandon Routh. Recently, when the rumors about the replacement of the British actors started circulating around, Routh responded in the most hilarious way.

The new bosses, James Gunn and Peter Safran, are planning a new path for the universe which they will reveal soon. Meanwhile, fans can’t stop their minds from predicting the upcoming Superman actor. As per their prediction, Jacob Elordi might be the new Superman. As soon as James Gunn answered the tweet, the former Superman, Brandon Routh also jumped in to add his comments about the same. What did the American actor say about the prediction?

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The predecessor of Henry Cavill has something to say about the new Superman

The American actor, Brandon Routh, has portrayed the character of Clark Kent in a 2006 film, Superman Returns. While he became the fan favorite Superman before Cavill even played the character, the actor has his own opinion about the upcoming Superman actor. Although there aren’t any official hirings for the new Man of Steel, fans predicted different actors to play the character of the Kryptonian superhero. While this fan page posted the news regarding Jacob Elordi becoming the new Superman, James Gunn cleared the rumors and denied it. Meanwhile, the former Kryptonian superhero commented on the post.

The original post had a question, “Any thoughts?” Routh had the funniest thought about the same. While there had been slight differences in the Superman suit in the films earlier, too, Routh pointed out the color difference in the present post. Although fans rushed into the comment box, appreciating Routh’s performance as Superman. They also expressed their wish of seeing him as Clark Kent in the new Superman film.

Meanwhile, we cannot overlook the important detail about the update about the upcoming Superman film: The caped superhero would be younger than before. While there is still time before we know who the next Man of Steel is, tell us your opinion and thoughts about the same in the comment box below.

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