Super Bowl Gets Royal Hype as Fans Recall Wild Meghan Markle Tripping on Jay-Z and Beyonce in 2014

Super Bowl Gets Royal Hype as Fans Recall Wild Meghan Markle Tripping on Jay-Z and Beyonce in 2014

The world is not over the Kansas City Chiefs’ massive win with the game-changing field goal over the Philadelphia Eagles and fans are already digging in deep. The Super Bowl Sunday was no less than a momentous festival, with both the teams nailing the yards and the hype could just substantiate the craze worldwide. Adding more to the celebration, it seems like we had once got some royal fans joining the club. Imagine the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle going wild in the yards. 

Amidst the reckless pomp and show, some royal onlookers recently took to social media to share a precious moment related to the Suits alum. 

Super Bowl 2014 went royal as Meghan Markle cheered for the blues in the bars

A Twitterati named MagaliDMathias recently created a stir in the bird app by posting some interesting pictures of the then-actress Meghan Markle. The account shared a picture and video clip of the Suits star having her own fan girl moment at Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s fiery performance at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey in 2014. The screenshots from the Duchess’ now-deleted Instagram handle evidently showed Markle having a bash with her girls’ gang. 

Prince Harry’s now wife was one of the notable celebrities who hit the stand for the Pre-Super Bowl Celebrity Flag Football Game night. Markle could be seen grooming at the thunderous music as she tagged two other friends in the upload, wishing for their presence. The 2014 DirecTV Beach Bowl pulled in some other bigwigs of the industry namely, Chrissy Teigen, Markle’s co-star, Michael B. Jordan, and John Legend. 

Who were the other celebrities who accompanied the Duchess? 

Markle was reportedly cheering for the blue side and her celebrations knew no boundaries as she crashed into some of her best friends, like Serena Williams, Shay Mitchell, and others in the stands. The stars also posed for pictures and Markle was later asked to defend The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev during the course of the game. 

It was all fun and games and the Suits fandom and now the royal enthusiasts finally got a glimpse of the Duchess’ athletic side of things. 

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How did you like the Duchess enjoying her heart out in the stands? Had you ever seen her like this before? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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