“Such an impact on your life”- Lili Reinhart Hits Back at Haters of ‘Riverdale’ for Comments, but Fans Continue to Troll the Show

“Such an impact on your life”- Lili Reinhart Hits Back at Haters of ‘Riverdale’ for Comments, but Fans Continue to Troll the Show

Can you guess the right name? If we say scary masks, blood-stained t-shirts, dead bodies, and complex love angels. Well, the first thing that will strike your mind in a beat would be none other than Riverdale. And it might be the easiest quiz session for OTT explorers who have been watching this unpredictable show with Gargoyle Kings, occult storylines, and witchcraft for a long time. The supernatural drama has got infinite renewals beginning from 2017. However, people started disliking the show when it went deeper into a confusing and weird saga of teen heartbreaks and endless murder sequences.

Even at this moment you might come across a meme that says how hammy this show has become. Not to mention, the whole cringy storyline made internet users ask for its cancellation. Meanwhile, Lili Reinhart, who has long been playing the role of Betty Cooper in Riverdale, has finally broken her silence on the matter.

Lili Reinhart recently took to Instagram to address the hate her show has been constantly receiving from people. In the post, she shared comments of some internet users who wanted the series to end. “Why does the show have such an impact on your life that you feel the need to make a public comment about it? Run along now,” she added.

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It appears that the American actress is finally losing patience with the way people treat horror drama. However, no matter how the star cast tries to defend their show, netizens have no effect and they continue to express their opinions about it.

Netizens endlessly bash Riverdale after Lili Reinhart slammed haters 

Netizens are reacting to the news shared by Pop Crave on Twitter and they have started a crazy meme fest in comments. The first user jumped right away in the chat section and said “doesn’t change the fact it’s terrible though”.

The second user got back at the actress and stated, “Passive aggressive deflection, the show was successful for you, but it doesn’t mean people have to like it and have to be silent about that. Everyone has opinions.”

“Because babe it really is that bad and we can’t believe the time and money put into such hot garbage,” another added with a hilarious clip.

Which side you are on? Do you have a love-hate relationship with Riverdale? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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