Stripped! Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Once Uncovered Their Kids’ Hysterical Moments

Stripped! Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Once Uncovered Their Kids’ Hysterical Moments

The love story of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively is truly one meant for the books. But until then, social media can suffice. Ever since their marriage in 2012, Reynolds and Lively have not once taken a break from giving us couple goals. However, it is not in the million dollars worth cupid earrings that Reynolds gifts Blake Lively or again a million dollar worth symbolic painting that Lively gifted Ryan Reynolds, but in the consistency in cropping each other out of photos and not missing a chance to troll the other, that fans feel their love as strong as ever.

Green Lantern may have not been able to light up the screen, but it made up for it by bringing to us one of the cutest Hollywood couples of all time. However, apart from being the yin to the yang, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are also parents to three beautiful daughters. And what screams wonderful parents better than narrating hilarious stories about your kids on live television? Jokes apart, Reynolds and Lively are notoriously private about their kids, but the couple has let loose sometimes, paving the way for hilarious stories starring their kids.

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Times Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively let us in on their kids’ hysterical moments

Reynolds has famously said that he will never allow his kids to get into Hollywood. That will be a hard feat to achieve considering that his daughters are already stars thanks to him and his wife, who can’t help but narrate hilarious encounters with their kids. And considering how said kids are getting shout-outs from Taylor Swift in her acceptance speech, the audience too cannot help but gobble up any information about Ryan Reynolds’ and Blake Lively’s children.

While there are plenty, Reynolds imitating his daughter, Enez, on Live with Kelly and Ryan, will forever be one of the most wholesome live television moments.

Reynolds gave us all a representation of how his then two years old daughter “was the only one in the family to get a secondary security pat down” as “a thin fart escapes“. Reynolds is not the only one, Blake Lively also lets fans in on an adventure she had with her daughter.

The adventure in question being her daughter learning how to speak, but there is an ‘h’ in everything. For instance, it is not sit but “s*it” for baby James as Lively said on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in 2016. Fans cannot wait to hear more from the couple as they get ready to welcome their fourth baby into the world.

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