Stray Kids’ Fans Support Ryan Reynolds in the Fight for Streaming of Wrexham Matches

Stray Kids’ Fans Support Ryan Reynolds in the Fight for Streaming of Wrexham Matches

When Ryan Reynolds revealed that he was now a co-owner of a football team, one of the world’s oldest football teams, Wrexham AFC, fans were a little dumbfounded. The Hollywood A-lister had bought the team with Rob McElhenney for $2 million two years back. This isn’t the first time the actor has invested his money in something else outside of film and content. He has had tremendous success marketing brands and start-ups previously, Aviation Gin anyone? 

The Deadpool actor planned to do the same with the latest takeover of the club, but there is a major hiccup in his plans. And he has called for the power of the K-Pop stans to overcome this hurdle. Stray Kids x Ryan Reynolds has happened before and is happening again but not in the way you imagined!

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Stray Kids’ fans back up Ryan Reynolds in his fight for international streaming rights for Wrexham matches 

Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to show his discontentment with National League’s decision to ignore the international streaming rights for all Wrexham matches and the other clubs participating in the league. Despite maximum efforts over the months, the executives at the top haven’t budged. Getting the international streaming rights for the Wrexham matches would have allowed the clubs to expand their fanbase and this would have increased their revenues exponentially. However, the actor finds it baffling that the National League fails to understand that. 

Interestingly, Korean boyband Stray Kids fans’ immediately jumped on this to support the actor and get his tweets more visibility. 

Ryan also replied after receiving overwhelming support from the Strays.

For ones unaware, Ryan is a self-proclaimed fan of the South Korean band. He became a Stray Kids stan after watching the band’s Deadpool-inspired performance on Kingdom: Legendary War. Since then the actor has religiously followed the comebacks of the group. 

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Well, the actor is surely reaping the benefits of becoming homies with the band and the Kpop fans. Are you also supporting Ryan and his proposal?

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