You Can’t Unsee These ‘Stranger Things’ Vecna BTS Images and the Comments Will Crack You Up

You Can’t Unsee These ‘Stranger Things’ Vecna BTS Images and the Comments Will Crack You Up

Stranger Things season 4 introduced the most terrifying villain of all seasons: Vecna. Vecna, the demon king of Upside Down, has telekinetic abilities to kill teenagers from Upside Down. But he likes playing with his victims first. He terrorizes them, takes them under their spell, and gives them nightmares. Until one day he shows up and asks them to join him before snapping their bones and gouging their eyes. 

However, recent BTS images reveal that even the terrifying humanoid likes to take a break from his murderous spree. 

Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) sipping Starbucks coffee on the sets of Stranger Things 

In the recently unveiled images, we see the actor, Jami Campbell Bower waiting patiently as the makeup team works on him. He is seen sipping a Starbucks coffee and talking to someone on the phone. Netflix uploaded the photos with a hilarious caption. And fans had some pretty funny reactions to it. 

In another BTS clip, we finally get to see the full process behind Vecna. The Duffer brothers had opted for practical effects and prosthetics to keep the 80s horror theme alive. They have used minimal CGI. The actor had to spend hours getting into the suit for Vecna. His transformation would take hours, nearly seven hours. Bower truly deserves all the praise for his dedication to starting the day at 3 every day. 

The brothers had gotten Barrie Gower onboard for Stranger Things 4. Gower is a renowned makeup professional.  He and his team had worked on Game of Thrones and Chornobyl as well.  

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Can Eleven stop Vecna? 

Volume 1 ending revealed that Henry Creel was One and One is actually Vecna. Around the same time, Eleven also realizes that she opened the gate to the Upside Down during her face-off with One. She sent him to the Upside Down, where he transformed into Vecna. So it was her that created the big evil. Elsewhere, Vecna is getting closer to her friends, and meanwhile, Eleven is still struggling to get back her powers. 

Volume 2 drops on July 1.

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