‘Stranger Things’ Writers Deny Any Cuts or Re-Edits to the Past Seasons of the Show, After the Whole Jonathan Byers Fiasco

‘Stranger Things’ Writers Deny Any Cuts or Re-Edits to the Past Seasons of the Show, After the Whole Jonathan Byers Fiasco

Stranger Things has been in the news ever since the show came back for a fourth installment after nearly 2 years. It was an epic moment for the fans, and the hype around Hawkins hasn’t died down yet despite the show winding down. In fact, it has now become the subject of the latest controversy thanks to a particular character and his actions in the series. But now the Stranger Things writers have finally opened up about the entire controversy.

Stranger Things writers insist that no Jonathan and Nancy scenes were re-edited 

The Stranger Things Twitter handle uploaded a Dustin gif to lay down the Jonathan Nancy controversy to rest. The handle insisted that no scenes from the previous scenes were not re-edited. Although if you stream the second episode from the first season, you’ll immediately notice the cuts. 

Originally, in the episode titled The Weirdo on Maple Street, our underdog, Jonathan is seen lurking in the woods to find clues to Will’s disappearance. He doesn’t find Will but takes a snapshot of Nancy in her bra making out with her then-boyfriend Steve. Apparently, this pervy past of Jonathan is erased now. In the re-edited scene, Jonathan is seen lowering down his camera after only clicking Barb. But in the follow-up scene, they are looking at all of Jonathan’s photographs – Nancy included. Hence, Jonathan definitely took the shot, but it didn’t make it to the re-edited cut. 

Although the writers of the show have issued a statement, the Duffer brothers have maintained silence. 

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Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship is showing some cracks in season 4 

Nancy and Jonathan became a couple pretty soon after Nancy broke up with Steve. Their romance was going strong until season 4 when Jonathan relocated to California. Cracks started appearing in their long-distance relationship. Although they reunited at the end of the season, the two have very different goals now. Moreover, Steve may get a second chance with Nancy. 

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