This Little Rainbow Detail Confirms Why The Creation Of Vecna Was Written In The Stars

This Little Rainbow Detail Confirms Why The Creation Of Vecna Was Written In The Stars

The release of season 4 brought eye-opening revelations about Eleven’s past that have been buried somewhere deep in her mind. Stranger Things has been insinuating the existence of this grisly reflection of Hawkins town. As it was growing below the real world which no one was aware of. But it was a part of Hawkins from the beginning as we see through Eleven’s subconscious memories in season 4. Now there is going to be a massive face-to-face showdown between Vecna and Eleven in volume 2 of Stranger Things that we all are waiting eagerly for.

However, apart from these important events, there is a tiny detail that viewers might have overlooked. In volume 1 when Eleven was diving into her past. Let’s find out what importance this detail holds and how it is related to Vecna’s banishment to the Upside Down. 

How does a normal VIBGYOR decide the fate of this powerful wizard Vecna in Stranger Things? 

It has always been the way of life that every evil like Vecna is destined toward a deadly termination. While in the excitement of changing the dynamics of Stranger Things we forgot to notice these things. Because like any other villain Henry Creel was fated to be the reason behind the opening of this futile world. And he was meant to be exiled in the alternative dimension called Upside Down as says a recent Twitter post. 

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In a recent post by Netflix UK on Twitter, they showed two comparison photos of Henry Creel and Eleven. And the photo states there is a major difference in the background they both are standing. Because the rainbow on Eleven’s side is in the correct order. However, the rainbow behind Peter is flipped around which indicates that he was linked to Upside Down even before anyone knew. 

The background holds an important meaning in every story 

This little detail might look like it’s just a coincidence to many people. But the cruelty and bloodshed that Henry did throughout his life had an ending point. Subsequently, the massacre of Upside Down was a consequence of his inhumanity and the misuse of his gifted powers. Therefore, the rainbow was a symbol of his impending destiny of how he would turn into a vicious monster and grow his roots in that parallel world. 

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Well, Henry paved his path toward a doomed afterlife. When he had the choice to utilize his gifts and do something for others as Eleven did. This discussion has a long way to go as volume 2 is just one day away from its release. If you are super excited to uncover the upcoming war keep your Netflix bell icon on! 

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