‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Who Is Jonathan Byers’ Best Friend Argyle (Eduardo Franco)? Where Have You Seen Him Before?

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Who Is Jonathan Byers’ Best Friend Argyle (Eduardo Franco)? Where Have You Seen Him Before?

Apart from introducing new antagonists every new season, Stranger Things has consistently introduced new characters as well. Although some never lived long enough—Poor Bob Newby! Stranger Things season 4 will see the addition of a character, Argyle. Introduced as Jonathan’s best friend, Netflix hasn’t revealed too much information about him. Here’s what we know about him so far. 

Argyle—The fun-loving stoner of California

Byers and Eleven meet Argyle in California. He is described as a fun-spirited stoner, who works a pizza delivery for the local pizza corner, Suffer Boy Pizza. 

We think he may add some comic relief to the otherwise darkest season of the series. We get a proper look at Argyle, when Netflix released the teaser, Welcome to California. He plays the perfect California stoner as he offers the gang a ride saying, “Hold on to your butts, brochachos!” 

In the Stranger Things first look images, we see Argyle with the Byers brothers and Mike at what looks like Suzie’s house. 

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Where have you seen Eduardo Franco before? 

Franco is not new to cameras. The 27-year-old is acting since 2015. He has appeared as Jose in The Skinny, Justin in You’re The Worst, Stu in Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything, and Gavis in Adam Ruins Everything. This isn’t his first Netflix project either. Franco starred as Spencer Diaz in the Netflix comedy, American Vandal as well as in the comedy movie, The Package as Jeremy Abelar. His most notable role so far was in Booksmart, in which he played Theo. 

Can Argyle make it to the season finale of Stranger Things 4?

Well, we think his character can stick till the end. We don’t want another repeat of Barb or Bob. Usually, Netflix lists the new actors as recurring. But it’s different for Franco. The streamer has listed him as a series regular along with Joseph Quinn and Jamie Campbell Bower.

That means Franco will likely reprise his role again in season 5. Among the new notable additions, Robert Englund is another big name.

What role do you think Franco’s character will play in Stranger Things season 4 story?

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