‘Stranger Things’ Kids Kicked Out Joe Keery From Their Group Chat for Being “not cool enough”

‘Stranger Things’ Kids Kicked Out Joe Keery From Their Group Chat for Being “not cool enough”

Steve Harrington may be too cool for Hawkins High with his iconic hair and smirk, but that isn’t for the kids to invite him into their group chat. Sadly, the mother hen is ignored outside of Hawkins revealed Steve actor, Joe Keery. 

Joe Keery plays the Hawkins’ high hottie who matures after the girl of his dream girl dumps him. Fans quickly eat up his redemption arc once he befriends the kids and becomes their unwilling babysitter. 

The kids kicked out Joe Keery because he’s “too old” and “not cool enough” 

The actor revealed that back in season 2, he was a part of a group chat. But later on, he was kicked out. Maya, who plays Robin, also piped in that she was never part of one either. 

We are too old for that,” said Joe. However, the actor further shared that Noah Schnapp (Will) was the most active member of the group. None of the older teens are apparently a part of the kid’s group chat. 

Natalie Dyer, who plays Joe’s love interest in Stranger Things praised the actor calling him very wise. This is starkly different from his onscreen character who comes off as immature and a bully, although he turns a new leaf in later seasons. Natalie chose her reel life ex-boyfriend as the best person to give dating advice and also the person to make everyone laugh on sets. 

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What happens in the Stranger Things finale? 

Stranger Things came to a shocking conclusion. Fan-favorite Steve survived the adventure and so did the rest except for Eddie. The metalhead sacrificed himself for Dustin and the gang. Eleven gained her powers and fought Vecna. Vecna is considerably weakened but not dead yet. Meanwhile, Max is in a much worse state. She is brain dead and Eleven fails to reach her in her consciousness. The series ends with the Upside Down ripping through Hawkins. 

Stranger Things will come back for yet another season. But the Duffer brothers have already confirmed that it will be the last one.

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