‘Stranger Things’ Fame Jamie Campbell Bower Reveals He Was to Cast in a Pivotal Twilight Role Which Even Henry Cavill Was One of the Favourites For

‘Stranger Things’ Fame Jamie Campbell Bower Reveals He Was to Cast in a Pivotal Twilight Role Which Even Henry Cavill Was One of the Favourites For

Jamie Campbell Bower is arguably one of the best modern-time villains, having worked in a number of pop-culture phenomena since a young age. In fact, just like his younger co-stars in Stranger Things, the actor is also known for being super committed to his roles. In fact, he also played the antagonist in the Twilight series. But can you imagine him fighting for the good side?

Before Campbell made Vecna’s villainous monstrous look come alive through an eight-hour transformation in Netflix’s sci-fi series, he also played the white-haired evil vampire Caius in the Twilight saga films. However, he was actually a contender for another A-list celeb for a pivotal role in Twilight.

Twilight: A tale of Jamie Campbell Bower vs Henry Cavill

When discussing his past opportunities, Jamie Campbell Bower talked about Twilight in a podcast, “They were like ‘the dedication Jamie brings to his roles, we would be interested in seeing him,’ and all of this and all of that.” He talked about the makers of Twilight wanting to cast him as Edward Cullen. Unfortunately, he could never make it to the audition.

The audition dates clashed with his Tim Burton musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. In the Tim Burton film, he got to play a major role as Anthony alongside Johhny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. It is worth mentioning that the 2007 musical/ horror film ended up winning plenty of nominations and even bagged an Oscar. So missing the Twilight audition didn’t really turn out all that bad for Bower. Besides, he wasn’t the first choice for the Twilight author.

The first pick for the Twilight novelist Stephanie Meyer was Henry Cavill. In fact, Henry admitted that the author created Edward by keeping the Superman actor’s appearance in mind. However, when the book was to turn into a movie, he didn’t make the final cut since Edward is shown to be a high school-going vampire, and Henry was a bit old to match the role.

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Thus, the role of Edward Cullen eventually went to Robert Pattinson. The rest is history. Edward found his career break through this film. While Henry and Jamie found their successful projects. In fact, if Bower continues his streak of being an evil genius, he might just become one of the greatest villains of all time. We shall also see him come back as Vecna for the Stranger Things final season.

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