Stranger Things: Creators Express Regret Over The Death Of THIS New Character From The Show

Stranger Things: Creators Express Regret Over The Death Of THIS New Character From The Show

There have been countless deaths in Stranger Things since season one. But as we know season 4 has brought remarkable changes to the whole perception of this show. It is not surprising that creators are lamenting the death of a new character. 

Because all the cast members have truly shown their potential to bring that authenticity onstage for viewers. All the seven episodes were an exhibit of terror and mutilated bodies and a. As Vecna, the psychological bully took over the people’s minds traumatizing and killing them. Let’s peep inside the interview that took place between Duffer Brothers and NME. 

Stranger Thing took many lives but Duffer Brothers are heartbroken at a particular character 

At the beginning of the season, 4 viewers were introduced to the High School life of Hawkins. Including all the famous students, bad guys, and several new faces. One of them was Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien) who is facing some psychological issues. However, she goes to the school counselor to treat herself. Later, Chrissy goes with Eddie to get some drugs in his caravan where Vecna brutally kills her. The first death of the season! 

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In their recent interview with NME, the brothers revealed that they shot the forest scene after Chrissy was dead. Still, both these scenes matched so well and looked perfect. Then they moved forward with how they regret Chrissy departing the show so early.

Duffer Brothers also connects her death with sweet Bob’s violent death in season 2. And they didn’t want both these characters to depart like that. Moreover, it seems that the creator’s love for Chrissy and Bob might turn into some new intervention as Matt said:

“We’ll find something else to do with Grace, something else to do with Sean.”

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No matter whether we are gonna see Chrissy or Bob in the next season or not. Stranger Things has always been close to fans’ hearts but soon we have to say goodbye to it. There will be no more Vecna talks or challenges posed in the characters’ lives. Because as mentioned by Duffer Brothers “we do have an end” the show will conclude in season 5. However, this show will be a favorite memory in fans’ hearts. And fans can anytime re-watch all the seasons available on Netflix.

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