‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Cobra Kai’ Fans Engage in a Fun Scuffle to Decide the Better Netflix Series

‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Cobra Kai’ Fans Engage in a Fun Scuffle to Decide the Better Netflix Series

Despite Netflix losing subscribers and incurring massive losses, the streamer has continued to put out quality shows for its audience. The biggest title for the streaming platform is arguably Stranger Things, and Cobra Kai follows it. While the Duffer Brothers show had one of the biggest openings for its fourth season (Netflix servers crashed!), the karate show maintained its popularity across all five seasons. 

Both the shows enjoy a massive fan following and also have active subreddits. Fans often engage in theories and discussions regarding the shows. Quite recently, a fan asked other Redditors which one of them was the better show. And obviously, the fans were divided on this. 

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Redditors are divided between Stranger Things and Cobra Kai

Very few shows have the ability to start fan wars. Cobra Kai and Stranger Things are definitely one of those shows on television. The former is a reboot of the original The Karate Kid franchise. It originally aired on YouTube Red before making the jump to Netflix. The latter is a series from the Duffer brothers. 

A fan pointed out that while both are great shows, the karate show is a breezy watch for short runtime of episodes.  

Indeed, the sci-fi series does need more time commitment. Season 4 had really long episodes that ran over an hour! 

Another pointed out that the coming-of-age series was more consistent in quality. But of course, when it comes to cliffhangers, no one does it better than the Duffer Brothers!

Current-Doughnut8087 envisioned a crossover. 

Others think it’s really unfair to compare both shows because they are very different from each other in both tone and genre. While the Josh Heald-created show rides on nostalgia, the Duffers created a sci-fi show with elements of horror.

Both just wrapped up their season finale, which got fans waiting for the next installment. Season 6 of the karate show will be delayed because there is no script yet. 

Meawhile, the Duffers have already started working on season 5 and there is a spin-off in the pipeline. 

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