‘Stranger Things’ Actress Sadie Sink Once Revealed How She Had “an unconventional teenage experience”

‘Stranger Things’ Actress Sadie Sink Once Revealed How She Had “an unconventional teenage experience”

Sadie Sink has been one of those Stranger Things standouts that the show boasts with a full chest. Her character arc as Max was a crucial one like those of Millie’s Eleven and Joseph’s Eddie. All of them had to go through their share of traumas and hardships at some point in their lives. 

In a podcast called Acast with Hillary Kerr, Sadie broke down the storyline and background and Max. She talked about how it felt like to play such a role through the course of four seasons till now. MadMax just skateboarded into the life of the Hawkins gang out of nowhere but she eventually turned out to be the savior of the group. Catch up on what the actress had to say! 

Sadie Sinks breaks down the character arc of Maxine

The gorgeous supernova of Stranger Things starts by saying that she had “an unconventional teenage experience” as a high schooler. She did go through the first two years in person and got a “taste of it(high school culture).” Sink then talks about Max as an individual and says, “she was already in such a vulnerable place”.

Given her family dynamics and the dominance of Billy, her brother at the start of her introduction, it was enough to make up a good pile of a burden on her character. 

Sadie Sink as Max has a total identity crisis and guilt trip throughout

Elaborating further she said, “entering high school….and not being able to connect with her friends” was a crucial part of her character building. Max was having a total identity crisis and a pang of constant guilt and grief wrapped up around her. As a loner, she always had some sorts of questions that came with experiencing a loss (her mother) that stayed with her. 

All of it was vividly brought to life by Sadie on the screen. Her best so far was undoubtedly in the latest season of the show. As for her last update she had been to hell and back in the Dear Billy episode. What happened to her character is still on hold as the season ended up with Max in a state of coma. 

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Trust us, we are as restless as you to know what is next! What do you think is going to happen to her? Do you believe she will come back? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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