‘Stranger Things’ Actor Sadie Sink Says She Feels “proud of herself” for Being Comfortable in Her Personal and Professional Life

‘Stranger Things’ Actor Sadie Sink Says She Feels “proud of herself” for Being Comfortable in Her Personal and Professional Life

If anything, Max on Stranger Things isn’t timid, but the actress, Sadie Sink is. Her character debuted in season 2 of the Duffer Brothers show on Netflix. And since then, she has become an integral part of the gang in Hawkins and a very close friend to Eleven. The 20-year-old actress admits her timidness in an interview to People. And yes, she has shared some more about her perfect makeup look and what it’s like filming with the rest of the cast. 

Her self confidence has grown over the years

A standout memory for Sadie Sink from her early days is dressing up for the Stranger Things season 2 premiere. However, she explained that nowadays she doesn’t have “necessarily”  dress up or go somewhere fancy to feel beautiful.

I’m proud of how much more comfortable I’ve just become in not only in my personal life but also in like my professional life as well,” she confessed.

Things were entirely new and scary when she first started acting. But she has overcome all of that. 

As I grow up, I start to like, focus more on the things that really matter, and not get too worked up with everything or scared of everything.” 

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Her makeup routine includes just two things

Sadie Sink explains how her onscreen character is very much similar to her in real life in terms of makeup. She keeps her makeup routine simple with just chapstick/lipstick and some eyebrow touch-ups. There are no crazy hairstyles either. She prefers to keep her hair long but sheepishly admits to envying Natalie Dyer’s (Nancy) cute short haircut. 

Sadie Sink can do Stranger Things “forever” 

She expressed her desire to continue the series and play Max as long as she can. 

We built like a family at this point, and it’s a really special and unique bond. I’m gonna miss everyone but I don’t know it’s crazy just to think how long we’ve been doing this. And we’re so grateful that we still have people who want to watch it.”

Season 4 of the Duffer Brothers‘ show premieres on May 27th.  

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