‘Stranger Things’ 4 Newcomer Grace Van Dien Has More “Chrissy content” in Case You Didn’t Get Enough

‘Stranger Things’ 4 Newcomer Grace Van Dien Has More “Chrissy content” in Case You Didn’t Get Enough

This year’s season of Stranger Things had the largest number of new additions to the cast. Not all of them were in prominent roles. But surely, the whole season was filled with new faces. As the gang was now growing up and entering high school, they were meeting a whole lot of new people. And among them, the most popular girl in high school. The head cheerleader Chrissy is played by Grace Van Dien in Stranger Things.

More Chrissy photos from Stranger Things

Chrissy had a short life in the fourth season of the show. However, her role has a huge impact on the season’s narrative if you think about it. And Grace is an absolute knockout in the whole first episode.

People are loving Chrissy as an unfortunate character, who became the first victim of Vecna this season. And for all those, who were left devasted by her death in the first episodes, Grace has a special purpose for you.

The actress posted a mirror selfie of hers in her cheerleading costume. It is for people who like Chrissy, but sadly, her role in the show is complete for now.

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Why did Vecna kill Chrissy?

Chrissy’s trauma stems from her mother’s verbal abuse. In contrast, other victims are targeted as a result of vehicle accidents and familial violence.

Because of the trauma of seeing her brother Billy be possessed and slain by the Mind Flayer in Season 3, Max is being hunted. Max, unlike Chrissy and the other victims, figured out how to break Vecna’s curse before her time runs out: music. 

Many fans appreciated seeing Chrissy and Eddie onscreen together and regretted Chrissy’s death in the same way they mourned Barb’s death in Season 1 of the series.

When Eleven has a fight with Vecna to stop the curse from devastating Hawkins for good, maybe Chrissy will be avenged.

Did you guys like Grace Van Dien as Chrissy in Stranger Things? Also let us know if you guys too felt her death was a huge tragedy. Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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