STOP! Ryan Reynolds Urges Fans to NOT Make Deadpool Art in a Hilarious PSA Featuring the Cutest Version of the Merc With a Mouth

STOP! Ryan Reynolds Urges Fans to NOT Make Deadpool Art in a Hilarious PSA Featuring the Cutest Version of the Merc With a Mouth

Do you realize Deadpool gets paid to take out the bad guys? Well, this is just a friendly reminder as Ryan Reynolds has a message for Deadpool fans who have been expressing their love for the character. While fans cannot wait for Deadpool 3 to come out, they are creating art in different forms to express their eagerness. This time someone made the Deadpool costume with balloons.

Deadpool 3 will see Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine once again. While the film will have many surprises for its fans, we will see the Canadian actor as this iconic character for the last time as well. Therefore, it would be safe for the fandom to look out for themselves and not create any more designs for Deadpool. Keeping the fun alive, Reynolds recently posted a picture on his Instagram stories with a cute fan art and urged fans not to do it.

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Ryan Reynolds urges fans to stop making Deadpool art

What is the thing that the Red Notice actor is famous for? You had it right; it is his sense of humor. Though they are not updating the Deadpool suit, Reynolds found the cutest version of it made by a fan. Here is a picture for you.

With a funny caption, the Wrexham AFC owner updated the fandom he wasn’t sure if they were recreating the costume for Deadpool. “There’s no need to make your point via exceptional balloon art,” wrote the to-be father of the fourth baby. Well, if you remember, Deadpool created the suit all by himself in the first film. Red suits him better, the character admitted toward the end of the film. So, after a lot of trials, do you really think Deadpool would listen to your suggestions for updating it?

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As hilarious as it sounds, the actor also called the suit exceptional. Well, he did love the suit, just not enough to use the balloons-made suit in the film. Do you think he should update the costume for the upcoming Deadpool movie? Did you like this balloon-made suit for Deadpool? Share your costume ideas with us in the comment box below while streaming Deadpool on Apple TV+.

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