Steven Van Zandt and Ted Sarandos Celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Lilyhammer

Steven Van Zandt and Ted Sarandos Celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Lilyhammer

On the 10-year anniversary of Lilyhammer, Netflix’s first Original production, the YouTube channel of the platform had something special in store for fans. Co-CEO of Netflix, Ted Sarandos talks to the star of the series Steven Van Zandt. The two talk at length about the how and how it came into being. Here’s the full interview for fans to enjoy:

Before the creation of Lilyhammer, Steven Van Zandt was known best for his role in The Sopranos. Although he has also worked as a musician with the iconic Bruce Springsteen, his most memorable role to this day remains that of Frank Tagliano in Lilyhammer. The actor reminisces the day he pitched the show to Netflix, making it the platform’s first production and the creation of Netflix Originals as we know them today.

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What about Lilyhammer did the two discuss?

As a celebration of Lilyhammer’s 10th anniversary, the co-CEO of the streaming giant and the star of Lilyhammer sat down to talk about their experiences related to the show.

What stood out the most was the way Van Zandt pitched the show to Netflix. The early 2010s were quite the ambitious period for the platform as it diversified its content to create its own shows. While Netflix paid for the creation of the shows like House of Cards, the time for their completion and arrival on the platform was going to take longer.

This is when Van Zandt came across the news that Netflix was looking for content to add to its platform. He pitched to them a show they could add to the platform straight away. Admittedly, Lilyhammer is not a part of the finer shows on Netflix. But, it certainly stands at a great place from the historical point of view as the platform’s originals now dominate the Academy Awards in 2022.

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Currently, Lilyhammer still occupies its place on Netflix as the platform’s first production. For our readers who haven’t yet seen the show, here’s your prompt to stream Lilyhammer on Netflix and see how the first Netflix Original came to be.

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