Stephen King Believes That THIS ‘Stranger Things’ Character Deserves Their Own Show

Stephen King Believes That THIS ‘Stranger Things’ Character Deserves Their Own Show

There hasn’t been a writer who has even matched the level of greatness Stephen King has. You know a person has made a name for himself when a whole genre is known by him. That’s what King is to the horror genre: He is literally the king of horror. So when a guy who has spent his whole life writing horror books compliments a show, you know it is worthy of it. And apparently, Stephen King, like all of us, is a Stranger Things fan.

Stephen recently binged the whole first season and loved it so much that he tweeted about it. However, his tweet was not about the show but about a single character. King loved a particular character from the show so much that the 74-year-old writer felt they deserved a whole show.

Stephen King wants to see a whole show of a Stranger Things character…

Stranger Things season 4 part 1 introduced a number of new characters, and King appears to like one of them. Yuri Ismaylov (Nikola Djuricko) is an opportunistic pilot whom Enzo, regrettably, trusts to assist Hopper in escaping the Russian prison.

King compares Djuricko’s performance to Bill Hader’s Barry Berkman (Barry) and says he’d like to see more of Yuri’s weird and skeevy nature, possibly in a spin-off series.

On Saturday, the novelist tweeted proposing a spin-off idea.

While the writer has enjoyed Stranger Things season 4 so far, he does have one major complaint. Like many other watchers, King thinks the season being split into two halves was “kind of lame,” emphasizing his desire to see more of the season.

Because King had such a strong influence on the series, the Duffer Brothers must value the author’s continuous praise and insights. Netflix certainly did because the tweet attracted not one but two tweets from the streamer’s different Twitter accounts.

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As Season 4 of Stranger Things progresses, Yuri will continue to make appearances, even if it isn’t in King’s Barry-style Yuri spinoff series. That said, this might not be the last time fans see him, as season 5 and other secret spinoffs are already in the works.

Did you guys love the character of Yuri in the newest season of Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments.

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