“Stay away from her”- Taylor Swift Fans Go After Elon Musk as the Twitter CEO Replies on the Singer’s Tweet

“Stay away from her”- Taylor Swift Fans Go After Elon Musk as the Twitter CEO Replies on the Singer’s Tweet

Taylor Swift is one of those singers who turns her experience into a musical melody. Fans love her for her soulful songs and the connectivity of her music with them. They feel like the singer is reflecting their feelings through the songs. And therefore, they follow the singer religiously. So when Elon Musk commented on Swift’s tweet left fans enraged.

Elon Musk was already on the radar of the fandom as he once supported the controversial rapper, Kanye West. And now, they called him out for commenting on the post of the ‘Bad Blood’ singer. The award-winning singer posted a collage of pictures with the caption, “In my Eras era.” And the Twitter CEO commented with an emoji of a burning cigarette.

Fans on all social media platforms are calling Musk out. On Reddit, they think Musk made a poor choice of commenting on the picture. They want Swift to react to it. While on Twitter, fans can not stop their rage against the Tesla CEO after Pop crave shared the news. They expressed their rage via different memes, GIFs, and comments. Some verbally called out Musk as he commented poorly on the post.

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Fans protect Taylor Swift as Elon Musk commented on her post

The Swifties can be extremely supportive when someone supports the singer. They supported the Elvis actor, Austin Butler, as he read the song by the actor. But they went after Elon Musk as he commented, “Her limbic resonance skill is exceptional,” in reply to a fan’s comment; the protective fans went after him.

Fans are of the opinion that Musk wanted attention, while others said he wanted more followers. Some even went to the length where they called the Twitter CEO a misogynist as well. Essentially, they asked Musk to stay away from her.

Fans continuously commented, “Stay away from her.” They literally did not like the comment that Elon Musk just posted on the post. People said it was an embarrassing act that Elon Musk did.

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While these fans are enraged, what are your thoughts? What do you think about Musk’s comment? Tell us in the comment box below.

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